Here is my story.

With a background of mathematics, I spent 5 years holding different positions at various companies striving to find that “perfect” profession where joy, money, and flow come together.

I worked as a sales consultant in a telecommunication company, then taught math to students, volunteered in different NGOs, etc.

This eclectic mix of experiences was fine; I worked with some great people and learned from them a lot. However, I envied those folks who were passionate about what they did and couldn’t wait to roll up their sleeves and get busy on the job. I wanted to become one of those people.

Thus, I decided to do a radical change in my life and profession. I left my job and went to pursue my MBA degree abroad. The plan was to explore different fields of business and understand which is that very profession that better suits my skills and personality, and where I can create and become satisfied with my work.

Eventually, while there have been many bumps along the way, I came up with the Digital Marketing profession. Today, what I mainly do is helping companies to increase targeted website traffic, leads, and sales while improving brand awareness of the product on the web.

One of the main reasons this ever-changing and engaging profession attracted me is that there’s always something new to learn and I never get bored. Almost every day I face challenges; however, I consider those to be meaningful and rewarding since my work continues to be fueled with love.​

I firmly believe in working hard and having fun along the way. So, LET’S GO PERSONAL and discover who I am as a person aside from being a Digital Marketing and SEO specialist.

Here Are Some Random Facts About Me

  • Studying abroad instilled me with a deep passion for traveling. I travel quite often and yet, Australia is on my bucket list!
  • I was born in Armenia, lived in Hungary, Chile and have recently moved to Italy. (Hope this is the final destination.)
  • Only a few people can pronounce my surname correctly; Yeghiazaryan – challenging, isn’t it?
  • I have a special husband – my soulmate, companion and an indispensable part of my life.
  • Friday is board games and friends’ day!
  • Planning is in my DNA. I plan my months and years; It’s my gift and also my curse.
  • I need real friends to feel healthy.
  • I never stop googling things and scan more than 10 blogs daily.
  • My weakness is cake!!!
  • I like painting but never find time for that. Update: Not anymore! :))
  • I’m a strong believer in loving what you do.
  • I’m deathly afraid of cockroaches.
  • What I’m currently striving to achieve is a healthy work-life balance. 

My Core Values

My Life as a Digital Marketer

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