4 Must See Places in Portugal | Practical Guide

4 Must See Places in Portugal | Practical Guide

Planing to visit Portugal soon? Lucky you! 

Portugal became one of my favorite destinations in the world where I will return as soon as there is a new possibility. Being located on the far edge of Europe, this country has a lot to offer and is lovely for many reasons; unique culture, kind people, outdoor activities, fairy tale palaces, incredible nature… Want to add also – amazing food? Well…. Yeah but the Italian cuisine is still top 1 for me…

Having a week to spend in Portugal, we only managed to see three cities. This is because initially, we were heading off to participate in Web Summit, (this is a topic for another article) and had only four free days we could explore the country. What I mean is that in 7 days you can see much more there than we actually did. So,

What are those very must see places you should not miss out on when visiting Portugal?


Grab your most comfortable shoes since you are going to walk a lot in this small city full of uphills and downhills. 

Sintra is a popular 1-day sightseeing destination from Lisbon where the majority of tourists go. However, if you stay here for a couple of days, there will be still places to explore. If you have only one day, my piece of advice is to pick only two destinations you really want to explore. This is because Sintra is overwhelmed by tourists and you will most probably spend time while waiting in lines to enter the palaces or even the bus.


434 Sintra tourist bus will take you from the city center to the palaces. You pay once and have full-day access to that bus.

Pena Palace with Pena Park

We visited Pena Palace with Pena Park which is literally on the edge of Europe and took more than a hundred photos of this colorful Portuguese masterpiece. If you choose this sight to see in Sintra, make sure you don´t miss out on the park which surrounds the palace to be get admired with waterfalls, ponds, trees, and different bird species as well as having a break from the crowd. 

Before exploring the city center, our next stop in Sintra was

Quinta de Regalleria

This intriguing landmark the photos of which you´d most probably have already seen on the Internet was the property of a wealthy man in the past and now is open to tourists. This must see destination in Sintra includes a grand gothic house and a huge garden full of towers, fountains, and labyrinths, and exploring all these will take a couple of hours. Do do not rush to see as many palaces as possible but relax and enjoy the incredible atmosphere you will find here.


You cannot get proper food at the main sights so either bring it with you or eat before visiting the palaces. In case you decide to buy it from there make sure you have cash.


Lisbon is your typical capital city: it offers a mix of old and new, from historic neighborhoods to modern areas. Moreover, what you will find here is a comfort that exists in modern first-world societies. 


Even though everyone can speak English, it´s always nice to learn some new words of the local language. So, leaving here the word “Obrigado/a = thank you” which you will need there a lot!


Having an exciting mix of architecture and being one of the oldest cities in Europe, Porto is a city you need to add to your is “must see places in Portugal” list.

This city gives an opportunity to dive into Portuguese culture, walk along cobbled streets, eat traditional food in tiny restaurants walled with azulejo tiles as well as get admired with colorful buildings and street markets where locals create and sell traditional masterpieces.

It´s hard to explain how incredible this trip was to Portugal. No matter how many photos I will put in this article or on my Instagram, to fully experience this lovely country to need to be there. So make sure to add Portugal as a must-see destination on your country list. 

If you visited the country before, let me know what is your must-see destinations list in the comments. 😉

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